2nd Annual Grizzly Dance Festival will be offering special bootcamp classes for all level dancers in salsa and bachata.  It will be taught by renown world champion instructor to help you improve your partner work, footwork, and social dancing.  These classes will be more extensive than a workshop, and will go into greater detail to boost your dancing skills no matter what level you are.


Join the challenge with our International Champion Instructors. It will include 3 hours of intensive training (split in 2 days).  Learn choreography from your favorite instructor and you will have a chance to perform it on our Sunday night show. Space is limited to 10 couples only. 

On 1 Salsa World Champions Rafael & Carine (Brazil)
Sexy Bachata with World Champions Alma Latina Pro (Mexicali)


Daniel and Desiree all the way from Spain will be offering an exclusive bachata Master Workshop class and will be teaching their sexy moves to all their students on Sunday, Oct. 16th.  This is an extended class and dancers will have a chance to have a more in-depth training from the World Champs.  Space is selling out quickly so make sure to reserve you Master Workshop class in advance! 

Bachata Master Class with World Champions Daniel and Desiree (Spain)